It’s Kim Mild, Paul Old and Gone West!

It was the one era that style gurus said would never be revived. The 1980s gave us synthesized drums, loadsamoney disdain for others and, who could ever forget, the mullet hairstyle.
But now, 20 years on, a group of chart stars from that decade are boarding on the tour bus once more. Pop star turned garden designer Kim Wilde, soul singer Paul Young, electro-whizz kids Heaven 17’s Martyn Ware, Ian Glenn and Glen Gregory, Go West’s Peter Cox and Richard Drummie have signed on.
Haircut 100’s Nick Heyward, Curiosity killed the cat and T’Pau, featuring the classic “big hair” singer Carol Decker, complete the bill.
The Here and Now Tour 2001 kicks off in Newcastle in November and promoter Tony Denton said: “The 80s revival is really big right now. Most of the stars have continued working in the industry, but they are obviously glad to be back in the limelight.
“There will be no fillers, just hit after hit after hit.”
But Scots looking out their 80s glasses will be disappointed – there are no gigs north of the Border.