Kim Wilde unzipped

Why are we all so obsessed with what celebrities slap on their faces? Simple: because when your face is your fortune, you make it your business to discover what works, what doesn’t – and get tips from the pros (top make-up artists and coiffeurs) that the rest of us are unlikely ever to acquire. So I thought it would be fun, just occasionally, to unzip the make-up bags of the rich and famous and reveal all. My candidate? Kim Wilde, the singer-turned-garden-series-presenter.

‘My number one essential is sun protection, because I’m outside so much. I slather it on everywhere. I carry a tube of the facial sun cream Uvistat Activ-A SPF15 [£8.49) in my kit – and if I’m filming outside I’ll whack on Uvistat Gentle Tanning For Fair Skin SPF50 [£8.99).’

‘Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat [£20] is essential for any blotches or under-eye circles. No wonder it’s a legend.’

‘It would look weird turning up to do a garden looking like Joan Collins, so I’m a bit of a make-up minimalist. But my favourite foundation is Lancome Maquimat Ultra Naturel [£19.50], which looks like I’m not wearing any, but evens out my skin tone. The beauty product I love best, though, is Lancome Poudre Majeur [compact, £19.50, loose, £22]. In a hectic day, when I’m up to my eyeballs in compost or nappies, applying it may be the only truly feminine, pampering moment in my day.’

‘I’m a natural blonde so I have to pencil in my eyebrows – they really do frame the face.’ [Kim uses an eye pencil from the Body Shop’s Colourings range – now, sadly, discontinued.]

‘I’m not a big fan of mascara and only put it on when I have to – but when I do, it’s Clarins Pure Volume Mascara in Pure Violet [£15].’

‘Hand cream is a must. I carry a tube of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula [£3.69], and I also love Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector [£6.50].’

‘The best beauty tip I’ve ever heard is for giving you a nose as pixie-perfect as if you’ve had a nose job. Put a highlighter – such as Touche Eclat – down the bone of the nose and then shade the sides very lightly using a tan eyeshadow or bronzer, finish with a little more shading under the nostrils. It’s amazing!’