Kim’s making a pop comeback

Pouting 80s icon turned gardening guru Kim Wilde is currently getting ready to go on tour again to reprise some of her greatest hits.

Kim, who has been seen on BBC1’s Garden Invaders, is hitting the road as part of the 80s revival tour Here And Now later in the year. She hasn’t ruled out the possibility of also writing some new material in the near future.

Kim told me: “I always loved my pop career. Writing hit songs and performing music was just great. It wasn’t like I walked away in disgust. I walked away because there was something better on offer.
“I still think I wouldn’t mind doing some more music and performing. I’m really pleased that the 80s revival has ended up being so sound.”

But she hasn’t turned her back on her horticultural studies and she’s planning to start another landscape design course in September.

“I find studying much easier than when I was at school”, she says. “I wasn’t a swot at school. I was very average and didn’t achieve very many grades. I did alright at O Levels, but only because I tried really, really hard. Studying didn’t come naturally.
“But talking about plants to as many people and as often as possible is just a pleasure.”

Maybe she will be altering the words of one of her hit song for the forthcoming tour and start singing about Water on Grass?