My first time

My first kiss
It was with a boy called David Sunbury. I was about ten, and we were at this local disco and my mate snogged someone, but I just did a pursed lip thing with David Sunbury. I think it was the only kiss we ever shared, but it meant the world to me.

My first celebrity crush
Elton John – it was that lovely lost boy look in his eyes that attracted me. I loved him really. I don’t think it was a sexy thing – that would have been Les McKeown from The Bay City Rollers.

My first record
The Gary Glitter album Glitter. It would have been a pocket money vibe. I was in his fan club and everything. Sadly, it’s all gone a bit pear-shaped for him, and it’s a tragedy at many levels.

My first love
That would have been with a lovely boy called Amin. I was 11 or 12 and he was at school. I don’t think we ever got it together – we just always loved each other. In assembly in prayers when we have to say ‘amen’ at the end, I’d say ‘Amin’. Unfortunately, at 16 he became involved in an accident and is no more.

My first heartbreak
When Amin had his accident.

My first job
Disbudding carnations. Me and my friend Clare would cycle to the nursery and get up the ladders and disbud. We used to talk about our boyfriend troubles and cry into the carnations. I hate carnations now.

My first porno film
That was… what was that space bloke that used to cavort around (Flesh Gordon)? A boyfriend of mine said we were going to see this action movie, but it quickly became clear it was all a bit on the saucy side, though hardly hard-core porn, but a bit naughty. I got quite Mary Whitehouse about it and asked to be escorted out of the cinema. I took it as an insult from my boyfriend that he would parade me in front of this racy stuff.

My first drunken shame
Me and Clare would go out and get shit-faced on Cherry Bs. I remember going through this door you had to push, then another you had to pull, and we were so arseholed that we collapsed in the middle of this push-pull scenario, all Cherry B’d up.

My first contact with celebrity
I met Jimmy Saville when I was really young in a Chinese restaurant down the Edgware Road and he had his cigar and was a big star at the time, so I was most impressed. And I remember speaking to Lulu on the phone when I was a little girl.

My first celebrity tantrum
I’m not known for them, but I had one on tour once when I lost my Filofax. I was in my dressing room panicking because there was lots of personal stuff in there, and so I was spinning out, blaming the tour manager for allowing it to have happened. I never did get it back.

My first time
Not going to tell you. That’s private. I was the right age and he was the right person at the time, so it wasn’t horrible at all.