My life

Kim Wilde has traded in her high heels for a pair of wellies as her career as a garden designer flourishes. Kim, 40, appears daily on BBC’s Garden Invaders and recently reported from the Chelsea Flower Show. She lives in Hertfordshire with her actor husband, Hal Fowler, and two children, Harry, three, and Rosie, two.

How do you keep in shape?
I spend most of my time running in circles after Rosie and Harry making sure they’re not up to mischief. Between being a mum and a gardener I keep very active.

Have you always been your ideal weight?
While I was a pop star there was tremendous pressure on me to stay slim and now it’s a relief not to worry about my weight. I’m trying to lose a stone at the moment, but not with any great resolve. If I want to lose weight I cut out the glass or two of wine that I have with my evening meal.

How does your lifestyle affect your health?
Being a working mum it’s hard for me to set aside time to go to the gym. To be honest, I feel as if I get enough exercise in the garden.

Describe your diet.
After years of getting it wrong I now know what is healthy for me. When I was younger I would starve myself trying out fad diets. I remember doing the fruit and egg diet, which was very popular while I was in the sixth form. Now I eat a balanced diet of fish, fruit and vegetables. I also try not to eat carbohydrates with proteins.

Are there any foods you avoid?
Rice, because it can make me feel bloated.

What’s your beauty secret?
Every morning and night I cleanse, tone and moisturise. My mum got me into this routine every day and it’s worked wonders for her.

What’s your favourite alternative therapy?
I can wholeheartedly recommend acupuncture. My back pains started early on in my career because I wore high heels. The pains feit as if they were in my tummy and I was scared as to what the problem could be. After numerous visits to top doctors, I finally went; to see an acupuncturist who explained that the pains in my stomach were caused by a nerve in my lower back. After a series of treatments, learning to realign my posture and change my footwear I could alleviate the problem.

How do you relax?
I love nothing better than to lock myself away and study for my planting design course. I also unwind listening to the radio or perhaps the Coldplay album.