Review – The Very best of Kim Wilde

I could not leave Kim wilde without a review of her new album “The very best of Kim Wilde”. Oh yes! that’s another compil and if you’re a fan, you probably have quite a few compil released every few years. Anyway, it’s a great joy to see her back on stage as only her vegetables were able to see her during the last few years. She’s now devoted to gardening and looking after her kids….

Kim was really popular in the 80’s. She sold millions of albums and had really great songs (you came, Cambodia….). Someone decided to put her back in the front page as she’s now touring the Uk with other EX celebrities (Paul Young…). The show “Here and Now” is apparently a great success and it’s good for Kim!

I am not here to talk about her gardening skills or new album even if you must buy it just for this brand new D-Bop mix of “Kids in America”! This song was a big hit in the 80’s and do now pretty well in clubs. It’s been released only as a promo for the album but won’t be released as single. It’s a shame as it’s really well done and catchy! We all know the words of this song and the new tempo gives a fresher look to it!

The other new surprise is that fab new song included in this “best of”… As soon as I’ve heard “Loved”, I just loved it! Kim’s vocals did not change at all and are as ever really sensual and sweet. “Loved” is really catchy and it just need to be coupled with new mixes (Above & Beyond could do a brilliant job with it!) to enter the dance charts…

No prediction for a future release in UK yet. This song has been released in Belgium, France and other European countries to promote the album and it’s doing well at the time I speak. Hope that her UK company will be good enough to release it…

Once again, buy this album!