Review - The Very best of Kim Wilde

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The eighties are in fashion. Or at least part of it, it seems right now. Kim Wilde is one of these cases. The British singer is involved in a tour with other well known artists of the decade, such as Paul Young, Curiosity Killed The Cat, Nick Heyward, T'Pau, Go West and Heaven 17, in one string of seven dates that causes them to go to some points of Great-Britain during the month of November and whose daily events can be followed in
"The Very Best Of Kim Wilde" is not only, however, just a compilation of the author of "Kids In America", because it possesses an original song, entitled "Loved" (the first song recorded since "Because the Night" in 1998, included on the album "Philharmania"). This collection also contains two remixes for the classic "Kids In America" (in charge of D-Bop) and for "View From the Bridge" (remixed by RAW). As for the other hits, they are all there (or almost all). This British singer had a favourable position in the world of pop in 1981 with "Kim Wilde", but her career was losing gradually creative interest. For those who still don't possess any of the other "best of" albums of the singer, this constitutes an excellent summary of that of the better tracks the career of Kim Wilde produced. If it was an album of originals it would have gotten top marks...