Review – The very best of Kim Wilde

Do you remember Kim Wilde – 80’s darling and wholesome Home Counties girl next door? With a steady trickle of her greatest hits albums released over the years, it’s been rather hard to forget and lay Miss Wilde to rest among those multi-coloured leg warmers and Rubik cubes. Oh the joys of that decade. Coinciding with the ’80s tribute concert at Wembley on November 15th, The very best of Kim Wilde is beautifully timed. Aside such classics including ‘Kids in America’ (including bonus dance remix track), ‘View from a bridge’ and ‘You came’, the collection is also laced with her slightly cheesier offerings: ‘Four letter word’ and ‘If I can’t have you’ plus a surprise track, which is perhaps the most exciting thing you will get from buying this album. Don’t forget your concert tickets and big hair, you know it makes sense. (3 out of 5)