The personality test: Kim Wilde

What’s heaven for her? What made her cry recently on an aeroplane? And did she really date Mick Hucknall?

Where do you live and why?
In Hertfordshire in a barn with my husbnd Hal and our two children, Harry, 3, and Rose, 1. The main reason for living here is that it’s a real community, and one that I was brought up in. We love being a part of the scene round here.

Your house is on fire. What two things would you rescue?
Apart from my family, I would take a box of poems that Hal has written for me over the years. I’ve got one from our first date. When he gave it to me, I thought, ‘Either this guy is taking the mickey or something really special is going on here.’ The second thing would be a necklace made from moonstones that Hal gave to me, which I wore on my wedding day.

What single thing would most improve the quality of your life?
I’m always working up against time, so I would say I need more of it. But we are working on making time to enjoy everyday pleasures, away from busy schedules.

What is your worst habit?
Finishing off my children’s meals and nicking their sweets.

What most annoys you?
It’s hard, because I don’t get annoyed easily. But the children annoy me – when Harry tries to kill Rose or takes her toys and makes her cry. But even then, I am only annoyed momentarily.

What is your most loathsome characteristic?
I shave my legs in the bath and sometimes I don’t wash it out properly, which means that when my husband has a bath he ends up sitting in a load of my hair.

Do you think it is better to have suffered unrequited love than never to have loved at all?
It is better to love than not at all. Love is all.

What is your favourite drink?
I love a cold beer at the end of a busy day, after I have hoisted heavy children upstairs, saved them fro mnear death and changed tons of nappies. When it hits my lips, I’m in heaven. The only thing to try to remember then is to stop having too many, because it’s pretty hard in the morning when your beloved son is trying to wake you and you’re hungover.

Tell us about the last time you got drunk…
Last weekend, some mates came over to our house, we cracked open some wine, hung out and got merry.

What last made you cry?
I was on a plane going to Copenhagen the other day to promote my Best Of album. Going on a plane at the moment is very stressful, but we also had the worst turbulence ever. Loads of people were crying out and it was so scary that I began to cry.

Wht is the biggest lie that you’ve ever heard about yourself?
That I dated Mick Hucknall. I’m on a mission to dispel the myth that I was one of his conquests. Having said that, I’m sure he’s a lovely guy.

If you were allowed one book, one CD and one film for the rest of your life, what would they be?
My photo albums of my children, ‘One from the heart’ by Tom Waits – that is really special to me and Hal – and Spinal Tap.

Kim’s latest album, The Very Best of Kim Wilde, will be out on 5 November. She will also be appearing in concert on the Here and Now tour starting in November. For information, see