The ‘Who and how is who’-passport of mum and/or sex symbol Kim Wilde!

Pop idol, sex symbol, mother of 2 children and comeback of the year 2001: yes, Kim Wilde can call herself a winner (with a big award!) in her personal and professional life. If she gets through our passport control is a different matter. You decide!

Name: Kim Wilde
Born: 18 11 60
Star sign: Scorpio
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: Variable
Schoe size: 8
Education: Tewin Village, Presdales 2nd, St. Albans College of Art and Design, Capel Manor College of Horticulture
What instrument do you play? Piano
First CD ever bought: Gary Glitter
Favorite singer: Todd Rundgren
Favorite group: The Beatles
Favorite CD right now: Kylie
Favorite CD ever: Hats – Blue Nile
Favorite clothing: Leder
Favorite city: London
Favorite book/author: Roy Strong
Favorite film/actor: John Cusack
Favorite video clip: Adam Ant
Favorite drink: Champagne
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite car: Anything that works
Favorite holiday destination: Thailand
Favorite sport: Ice skating
Hobbies: Horticulture and yoga
Dislikes: Flat lemonade
Biggest disappointment: Gary Glitter
Best memory: My children
Biggest wish: More children
Siblings: Rick 40, Roxy 22, Marty 20
Pets: No
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Married: Hal Fowler
Name of first love: Armin Williese
Place of residence: Hertfordshire