Kim goes Wilde about plant therapy: Tesco’s new plant therapy range stimulates your mind and soul

Note: advertorial for Tesco’s Plant Therapy collection.

Awaken your senses and discover the radical botanical benefits of Tesco’s new Plant Therapy collection.
Plant Therapy is a range of 11 natural treatment products which use the power of plants to help you escape the stresses of everyday life. In many cultures outside the western world, the beneficial properties of plants have been understood and used for their therapeutic and life-enhancing qualities. Now we too have realised those natural ingredients – flowers, leaves, herbs, oils, fruits and spices – can heal the mind and body.
Embrace the power of these special ingredients, as they de-stress and soothe, leaving you with a wonderful sense of well-being.
Celebrity gardener and ’80s pop icon Kim Wilde treats herself on a regular basis to Tesco’s Plant Therapy range. Kim explains: ‘Plant Therapy is a very user-friendly range of products that allows everyday relaxation and indulgence without the guilt factor, as they are so reasonably priced in comparison to designer ranges.’
Working with plants, Kim realises that their beneficial qualities can help take away all those aches and pains. At the end of a hard day’s work, Kim says: ‘I love a good soak, so as an everyday treat I sink into a bath of Plant Therapy Detoxifying Bath Soak. It is the one time of the day where I put aside special time to do nothing but pamper myself!’
For all busy mothers, Plant Therapy is ideal because you don’t have to go to specialist shops to buy them. ‘It’s a real bonus to be able to purchase such wonderful products from your local supermarket and it saves time and energy in having to go into town to find beauty items’, Kim explains.
So, like Kim, allow the new Plant Therapy range into your life to help you relax and unwind.

Plant Therapy collection

Plant Therapy Detoxifying Bath Soak contains echinacea and ginkgo biloba which help reduce anxiety. For a quick, refreshing shower, Plant Therapy Invigorating Body Wash will revitalise and stimulate you. Follow this with the Exfoliating Body Smoother, which has a combination of tea tree oil leaves and olive oil to leave skin free from dead cells. To keep skin healthy, the Invigorating Body Soap is ideal.
The Plant Therapy Bath and Body Massage Oil helps your skin stay soft and silky. When used in the bath or directly on the body, it will nourish your skin helping to keep it in perfect condition.
Using Plant Therapy Rich Moisturising Cream with honey helps revitalise dry, parched skin. It intensely moisturises your skin, leaving it lightly scented. And the Moisturising Balm, with aloe vera and rosehip, is a must for dry skin.
When you need a lift in spirit, a quick spritz of the Balancing Pulse Point Spray or the Warming Pulse Point Spray is the ideal pick-me-up. They’re so small and compact they fit nicely in your bag, alongside the Intensive Hand and Nail Oil, which keeps your hands feeling great.
For beautiful hair like Kim’s, using the rosemary and hibiscus filled Herby Hair Mask will ensure your locks remain shiny and healthy.