Kim Wilde digs the leather pants out: I still get away with it

Published in
Ilta Sanomat (Finland)
Written by
Merja Asikainen

On Friday, Kim Wilde met TikTak in Helsinki. The reason is TikTak's new album contains the hit Kids in America, which was originally Kim's hit.

Kim Wilde, the 80's superstar, was bouncing around on stage together with TikTak at Fashion Night. TikTak have made a version of Kim's classic hit Kids in America.
"I know they made a Finnish version of the hit, but I have not yet heard it", Kim says.
Friday's second television gala heard Kim's new song, Loved, which is included in the just-released compilation.

Kim was lured back into the limelight. In recent years, the mother of two has been hosting a garden program for the BBC. But she has put on the leather pants again and jumped on the stage.
It all started with the tour that puts British Eighties super names back on gigs. "The decision to tour again was easy when I was offered so much money for the eight gigs that I could be home with the children for a long time without doing anything", Kim says bluntly.