Kim Wilde digs the leather pants out: I still get away with it

On Friday, Kim Wilde met TikTak in Helsinki. The reason is TikTak’s new album contains the hit Kids in America, which was originally Kim’s hit.

Kim Wilde, the 80’s superstar, was bouncing around on stage together with TikTak at Fashion Night. TikTak have made a version of Kim’s classic hit Kids in America.
“I know they made a Finnish version of the hit, but I have not yet heard it”, Kim says.
Friday’s second television gala heard Kim’s new song, Loved, which is included in the just-released compilation.

Kim was lured back into the limelight. In recent years, the mother of two has been hosting a garden program for the BBC. But she has put on the leather pants again and jumped on the stage.
It all started with the tour that puts British Eighties super names back on gigs. “The decision to tour again was easy when I was offered so much money for the eight gigs that I could be home with the children for a long time without doing anything”, Kim says bluntly. “Besides, I wanted to show my husband that I was still going away!” Kim laughs a lot.
It’s hard to believe that six years have passed since the last meeting: Kim hasn’t changed much. At most, she has become more outspoken.

Returning to the music business evokes two kinds of emotions in Kim: “There’s a small-scale shock going on. Proceed with caution, as this is an area that easily absorbs itself. I used to love the music business, but even more, I love my present life: my family, gardening and studying, and doing TV shows.”

Kim would like to stay home as the mother of four-year-old Harry and two-year-old Rose. “I’m afraid what all this leads to. I have not signed a new record deal, but I watch what happens. But it can’t be denied that all this attention would do well to my ego! I will be pampered as before. The biggest luxury when doing TV gigs in different countries is that no one wakes me up for the morning by bouncing around like my son used to. I can sleep!” Kim grins.

Before her marriage in 1996, the blonde beauty often admitted that life did not feel good.
“I was dissatisfied with my life even though the hits followed each other. Outwardly everything was fine, but I wasn’t happy”, Kim reflects on times gone by.

The musical Tommy changed everything: Kim fell in love with her co-star Hal Fowler. Things fell into place.
“Not at once, but everything started to brighten when I gave our love a chance. For me, the biggest success is living with my family – not what happened before! Debbie Harry recently admitted in an interview that she did not start a family. I’m glad I do not need to say so”, Kim says. “But feeling comfortable on stage – a little too comfortable! On the other hand, it cannot be compared to the feeling of being able to receive my son from school. Kids get ahead of everything else”, Kim emphasizes.

Kim is happy to come to Finland, although she remembers the winter here. “I couldn’t believe it was as cold somewhere as in Oulu, where I was performing. But I really like snow. Sometimes I’ll bring the kids to Lapland for Christmas to meet Santa”, Kim plans.