Kim Wilde: simply only rolling backwards?

In the interview with Gala the singer speaks of her actual passion about her comeback and the unbelievable fashion of the 80’s.

She looks again like back then, but is however a different person: Kim Wilde, 41. In the English Hertfordshire she lives with husband Hal Fowler and the children Harry, 4, and Rose, 2, in the country and maintains her garden as a passion: Kim Wilde even has her own garden TV Show, “Garden Invaders”.

Now she had for many years disappeared and suddenly there she is, back again. Where did she hide herself all that time? “In the garden. And with my family. When six years ago the music contracts ran out, I had finally no longer the blond-colored Kim Wilde to represent, but could be Kim Fowler – brown hair, wife, mother and horticulture student. Only then I really noticed how little I knew about life”, says the singer.

She proved all the defiant people that being a popstar and being in horticulture can fit quite together. Proudly Kim Fowler tells that she won the gold medal in a Showgarden competition in the meantime. Then she transforms again into the old Kim Wilde: “For the 80’s-tour I am again blonde. A few weeks ago I went to my hairdresser and said: Hey, I wants to look like Kim Wilde. She thought I was joking. But honestly, I can probably hardly be on the stage and sing ‘Kids in America’, when I look like I’ve crawled from underneath the weeds.”

And how does one feel in the fashion of the 80’s? “At the time it did not appear to me being particularly cool. Today however, in mix with the new trends of the year 2002, it works unbelievably stylish. The timing is perfect. I do not find myself very cool however.” Whom does Kim Wilde find cool? “Madonna. Unfortunately I always was in her shadow. But I would never want to exchange with her. I thank God that my life never became that crazy. Madonna went her way, and I am happy with my ‘Medium Size’ career.”