Review – The very best of Kim Wilde

A true success story that could easily be a new story line in a soap series: Kim Wilde (real name: Kim Smith, 18/11/’60) is the daughter of Marty Wilde, a real pop idol from the fifties and Vernons Girls-singer Joyce Smith. She was discovered herself by a producer in ’80 after recording a demo with her brother Ricky. With the help of Ricky als composer and father Wilde as co-producer, Kim got to the top of the charts more than twenty years ago with her debut song ‘Kids in America’, and after only two years she’d already sold more cd’s than her father in all of his career. Some four years her stream of hits suddenly came to an end when Kim married and became a mother. But: just when her youngest sister want to follow in her footsteps, the singer of ‘Chequered love’ and ‘Love blonde’ is hot again! The reason: a unique ‘biggest successes’ album, which doesn’t only contain a dance version of ‘Kids in America’, but also the brand new song ‘Loved’, which Kim recorded as usual with her brother and almost immediately exploded like her umpteenth hitbomb!