Review – The very best of Kim Wilde

Famously described by a smitten Tony Parsons as “having a mouth like a bruised vulva”, Kim Wilde could have achieved the iconic status of Siouxie Sioux or Debbie Harry. But instead she became lost to celebrity quiz shows and quick-buck cover versions. But nothing can tarnish the memory of her first five singles, recorded in one delirious rush of a year: the anthemic Kids in America, the electricabilly Chequered love, the shimmering Spooky re-write Water on glass, the disco Kurt Weil of Cambodia and, one of the most perfect pop moments ever recorded, View from a bridge. If much credit must go to Dad Marty and brother Ricky’s songwriting, Kim Wilde gave the sound voice – and, almost as important, she gave it great face. After the dizzy ascension there may have been only one way to go, but Kim turned the inevitable fall into an elegant glide. The ugly remixes that close this CD are nothing to do with her. “I learned to see both success and failure for the imposters they are”, she says. Respect.