Shoulder pads & glad rags

Having survived the sex, drugs and, er, fashion horrors of the 80s, these pop laydeez reveal all about the bad old days…

Kim Wilde, 41, was Britain’s most successful female singer during the 80s
80’s anthem: Kids in America
Now: Gardener

‘Part of me hasn’t changed at all since the 80s – I still love singing and having a laugh. But I’m much calmer, even though my life’s hectic. It’s hardly been a case of getting married, having children and settling down. Gardening keeps me busier than eveer. Physically I’m a couple of stone heavier because I lifted too many wheelbarrows full of rubble when I did Garden Invaders. But I’m probably healthier now. I used to get bronchitis from the stress of touring, plus I used to smoke a bit – which is a really dumb thing to do when you’re a singer. I’ve never done any drugs. My worst vice is having a bevvie. I’ve always liked a glass of wine – but I know when to stop. I was never an excessive person and didn’t do the whole sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll thing. I was a bit schizophrenic though. Sometimes I’d be in bed at nine watching telly, other times I’d be up until dawn, drinking champagne. My style hasn’t changed much, I still wear jeans a lot, and black because it’s slimming, but I don’t wear much make-up now – in the 80s I went for a strong, raunchy, sexy look, with bright red lipstick. I’ve got a few of my old clothes somewhere in the loft, but I won’t be wearing them again. The original leather trousers just about fit my left leg now.’