The second life of pop monument Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde (18/11/’60) from Hertfordshire is… older than you think! Although her hit ‘Loved’ sound fresh and hip, her success story started 20 years ago. Then the top was her only goal, now the cards have changed…

Kim: ‘People change. I look back on a hit career that many people would be jealous of, but when I married my big love Hal Fowler in september ’96, I needed a complete change. I have played in the musical ‘Tommy’ for a while, but then the final curtain fell for me. Or at least, that’s what I thought…’

Kim’s life after fame

‘After I married, I wanted to have children as soon as possible. And in May ’97 I was pregnant for the first time! My son Harry Tristan just turned 4, and on 14 January our Rose Elisabeth will be two years old! It was a relief to finally have a different kind of life than I’d known since I was twenty! In the beginning the showbusiness seems fascinating and every glamour party a feast! But little by little I discovered that I was living in a hollow world. I got bored and the audience seemed to be bored with me as well. Finally I could focus on other things that interested me. I started a course in horticulture because that had always been my passion. The result: over the past four years I’ve designed at least forty gardens. On the British Channel 4 I was even offered my own gardening show: ‘Better Gardens’! At the moment I’m in school again, following a very intensive course.’

Kim’s new success as a mother

‘Harry and Rose have changed my life totally and gave it a purpose. I can’t leave either of them alone for five minutes without them doing something. They have exactly the same character as Hal. For years I didn’t sing, but I never missed the stage for a second! Which doesn’t mean I am devoting all my time and my whole life to my kids. I used to sing about ‘Cambodia’ without knowing where the country is. Now it was one of my holiday destinations, along with Australia, Thailand and the Grand Canyon. I have made up for the lack of holidays I’ve had in the past few decades. It strange: I used to stay in the most expensive and chique hotels, now Hal and I usually go out with a tent. It’s great not being recognised! Sometimes I do meet a German or Flemish tourist that talks to me, but other than that no-one bothers me! That’s an enormous relief! I would never want to take the place of someone like Britney Spears today!’

Kim’s temporary return to the old days

‘I will never forget 13 January 2001. On that day I was back on stage for the first time in years, in a retro-show! Why did I do it? Not because I was longing for the old days, more because I wanted to see some old friends from back then. I never expected that everything would go like it did. During the past few months I have toured through England and I really enjoyed that. I also enjoy the success of ‘Loved’! But as far as I’m concerned, it’s just a one-off thing. I still don’t have a cd-contract and I am not pursuing it. I would love to have a third child, more than a new hit. I don’t follow the showbusiness anymore, although that will probably change when my sister Marty [sic] releases her first cd soon. I wouldn’t want to turn into a sad type like Cher! She is really old by now, but still pretends to be 18 and as if she’s young forever. People should realise what their place is in life. For me, that is not the charts, but that doesn’t mean I should act like I’m a pensioner. My life has never been so busy, in fact! I write a monthly column for a magazine, I have to go to class every week and I also help my husband with his business.’