Tune up for next year’s grass cutting season

A perennial problem for workshops is that most domestic customers leave having their equipment serviced until the last minute, so a backlog quickly builds up. This can cause considerable frustration, so any ways of helping to alleviate this situation will be of benefit to everyone. Over the last year, garden designer and ex pop star, Kim Wilde, has been conveying the message of the importance of regularly maintaining an engine. Early next year this can be reinforced at a local level, by staging promotions around our tune up kits and the servicing facilities you offer. There are some key issues that would help get the message across.


Most domestic customers are unaware of the problems they could encounter, should an accident occu, using an unsafe machine, especially if somene was being paid to mow the lawn. This could be used to offer, for a limited period, something similar to an MOT certification. It would state that a machine had been checked over and any faults rectified, so is in safe condition.


Most people now enjoy an alfresco lifestyle, so a neighbour with a noisy mower is a nuisance. A promotion using a slogan like, ‘Is your mower upsetting the neighbours? Then it’s time to have it serviced’ could be used. As far as emissions are concerned, we have a leaflet that outlines the actions necessary to help toward creating a cleaner environment. It emphasizes the need for regular maintenance and is ideal for inclusion in a mailing shot to all your existing customers.

Servicing has to be marketed in the same way as mowers. Using bold eye-catching displays of our tune-up kits, in prominent positions, is one way of attracting customers’ attention to the subject. Service work is a major revenue contributor, marketed correctly, it can be even bigger.