Where are they now?

When Madonna and Cyndi Lauper were big in the 1980s, a British singer named Kim Wilde gave them a run for their money. Wilde had hit after hit in the 1980s, including Kids in America, Cambodia and a cover of You keep me hangin’ on. In the early 1990s, she had a mini-comeback with If I can’t have you.
The 41-year-old has two children, Harry, 4, and Rose, 2.
In November last year, she released a thumping dance tune called Loved in Britain that is playing around some nightclubs. If you’re a Wilde fan, the track is one of her best.
Go to www.kimwilde.com for more information.
She also is a celebrity gardener on a British television show.
However, Wilde says she has no plans to return to the recording studio, because she doesn’t want to become a “sad type like Cher”.
Good call, Kim.