Wilde thing comes to town

This week Kim Wilde touched down on Irish soil for the second time in her life. She first came in 1988 to play support in Cork to Michael Jackson. This time she came to tell us that she literally has gone wild – about trees!

Despite the obvious passing of time, the 80s pop idol still has it going on, even if it is in a comfortable shoe kinda way. Like so many teenage boys in the 80’s, she was my hero. Now the mum-of-two favours fresh air to that of smoky clubs and went to college to be a Horticulturist… a natural progression for all wild kids you’ll agree!

Just after finishing recording a garden show for the BBC, she made the rare trip to Ireland to help launch National Tree Week, courtesy of SPAR.

Happy to chat about whatever – thank God, I know nothing about trees – Kim shared that it was during her time presenting the Big Breakfast with Chris Evans, that the duo decided that they both wanted out of the fame game. In her words, “There’s no such thing as a free ‘Red Carpet’, there’s always a price to pay!”

Speaking of her former amour, Chris, she revealed, “I’m really happy for him now. We talked about ways of dropping out, and I’m glad now that he has.”

Befopre those ageists out there write her off, at 41 her days of singing are not yet over. “It’s not all green fingers for me. I like to keep things interesting. Last year along with Paul Young and some other acts we did an 80’s revival tour. It was great. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been right now.”