Day & Night: Wilde moment of fear

Despite the fuss over ITV’s Reborn In The USA – which reaches its climax this Saturday – former rock chick Kim Wilde doesn’t regret not taking part. “I am sure they are having a hoot but I would have found it very intrusive, ” says Kim, who enjoyed such hits as Kids In America in her Eighties heyday before becoming a gardening expert. That’s not to say Kim, 42, doesn’t still get up on stage occasionally, having recently performed in a nostalgia tour.

“I like the luxury of doing a gig now and again and spending the rest of the time in the garden and with my family, ” she says, before revealing her concerts don’t always go to plan. “I lost the plot in Belgium. I couldn’t go to rehearsals because I wasn’t feeling too good. I was on stage, about to sing You Came, when I forgot the words. I moved my mouth and made the noises but thank god, the words came back to me in the third line. Gardening can be much less stress!”

Wonder if she sings to the daffodils?