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She wasn’t on I’m a Celebrity. . .Get Me Out Of Here! but Eighties pop singerturned-gardening guru Kim Wilde is another famous face celebrating success in the jungle. Kim was flown to a remote location in Thailand for a TV reality show to be screened next week on Five. However, while I’m A Celebrity viewers may have squirmed as Phil Tufnell munched creepy crawlies, this latest show will make even more uncomfortable viewing.

Celebrity Detox Camp shows Kim and fellow minor celebs Tamara Beckwith, Richard Blackwood and Keith Duffy, undergoing twice-daily, selfadministered enemas – involving 18 litres of coffee solution – to remove all “waste materials” from their bodies. Of the four, Kim survived the week of cleansing, fasting and spiritual relaxation the best. The 42-year-old mother of two says: “It was life-changing. I lost a stone and emerged with a much more positive self image.”

In fact, she was so enthused, she plans to return with her family – but can she ever face a cup of coffee again, one wonders?