Friends… or enemas?

Take four celebrities and bang them up in a tropical health spa for a week of very clean living. Will they still be mates at the end?

If you thought I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! was a lot to expect celebs to endure, see what lies in store for these unhappy campers!
Five’s one-off documentary, Celebrity Detox Camp, aims to change the lives of four brave stars – Kim Wilde, Richard Blackwood, Keith Duffy and Tamara Beckwith – in just seven days. How? They’ll be packed off to the toughest health spa in the world for a strict detox.
For a week, Spa Samui, on the Thai Island of Koh Samui, is home for these famous bods, all of whom are fond of a bit of high living. So how will they cope with a total ban on food and booze (just water and five protein drinks allowed per day), 7.00 am rises and constant, punishing exercise classes? Not very well, as it turns out – but there are worse surprises to come.
‘We had to administer our own colonic irrigations, I thought I’d lose my sense of humour’, says former pop star Kim, 42, now a married mum of two and a TV gardening expert based in Hertfordshire. ‘Each one involved pumping 18 litres of coffee through a plastic pipe’.
And Kim’s not the only one who struggles with the spa’s regimes – some even look like they may not make it through the week.
So, will they come out cleansed and refreshed, or miserable as sin? Whatever, you’re guaranteed to see these celebs in an entirely new – and possibly less glamourous – light.
‘Put it this way’, Kim laughs, ‘I won’t be doing the school run the morning after the show’s aired.’

Meet the celebrity victims…

Keith Duffy
Age: 27, party animal and former member of Boyzone.
Why he’s in it: To kick booze.
Main vice: Pints of Guinness.
He says: ‘Normally my challenges involve drinking too much – but this one involves drinking nothing at all!’

Richard Blackwood
Age: 29, comedian.
Why he’s in it: Despite being a teetotal fitness fanatic, Richard has a big junk food habit.
Main vice: Fried chicken.
He says: ‘I’m not so clued up on this detox thing – my agent fixed it up. What do you mean we don’t eat for seven days?’

Tamara Beckwith
Age: 32, It Girl – Famous for being famous.
Why he’s in it: To detox after years of partying.
Main vice: Surprisingly, as well as alcohol, another of skinny Tamara’s weaknesses is junk food.
She says: ‘I’m a sweetaholic. I also keep thinking about crisps… a lot.’

Kim Wilde
Age: 42, Eighties rock idol turned professional gardener.
Why he’s in it: The busy working mum of two wants some time to herself, and to lose a stone in weight.
Main vice: Not doing enough exercise.
She says: ‘This is a chance to have a break. I’m worn out.’