Kim’s comeback

The 80’s live on as Kim Wilde heads down under for the Here And Now tour: NW chats to the ‘Kids in America’ singer about reliving her glory days.

When you were first approached to do an ’80s nostalgia tour, what was your reaction?
The first Here And Now tour was three years ago, in the UK, and at first I was sceptical as to whether it was a good idea. I mean, the ’80s revival was only just kicking in and I wasn’t sure whether I’d be up for the job. I’d spent quite a few years having babies and involving myself in gardening projects – I wasn’t sure I could cut it.

So what made you say yes?
I thought it would be a good challenge and they offered me enough money to make it worth my while. And then it was a huge success and I really enjoyed it.

Are you surprised to see ’80s fashion making a comeback too?
When flares came back a while ago I was absolutely gobsmacked. Since then there’s nothing fashion can do to shock me anymore.

Is there anything that you think, “Please, don’t bring that back!”?
Not really. Fashion then wasn’t particularly… well, it certainly had character!

Is there any difference between your pop star life now and then?
I go on stage, do my gig, then take my bag of pop star clothes home with me. It’s not my whole world anymore. My life is my family, my home, my career in horticulture.

It’s a different life from your jet-setting heyday then!
It is. But it’s a much happier life. The only thing I miss is having my make-up done. But I don’t miss the intrusion into my privacy. What’s replaced that life is so much richer and lovelier that I couldn’t possibly miss it.