Terry’s gift of the Gab

Last week I had first hand experience of Terry Wogan’s current TV show – Terry & Gaby. The programme has been getting rave reviews, and Terry is being recognised for the same qualities he brings to his morning radio programme, Wake Up With Wogan, namely wit, intelligence and a healthy view of life and showbusiness.

I called in to Terry’s early morning radio programme and joined in the natural wit and patter which Terry and his entire team exchange with millions of listeners each morning. It’s the kind light relief which overburdened commuters long for. Later I joined Terry as he was driven to the television studios of Channel 5 across from Big Ben.

Terry wandered onto the set for a crazy funny hour of live television with co-presenter Gaby Roslin. The main guest on the morning I was there was Kim Wilde. She came to talk about a new 80s rock show about to tour England and ended up clipping a hedge.

Gaby keeps the show running, despite the best efforts of Terry. His great ability to ad-lib keeps the show from taking itself too seriously. Kim Wilde is the down-to-earth daughter of famous rocker Marty Wilde but she herself hit the charts in 1980 with Kids in America before making it to No. 1 in America in 1987 with a remake of the old Supremes hit “You Keep Me Hanging On”. Since then she has starred in the West End and now presents gardening programmes as well as writing a weekly gardening column.

What I also gathered from Terry’s interview with her was that she had spent some time on a celebrity detox camp which involved colonic cleansing by means of an anal tube. If that doesn’t get you watching the Terry and Gaby show I don’t know what will.