The enema within!

A forthcoming Five reality show has been given a last-minute change of name in a bid to fit in with the channel’s new ‘upmarket’ image. Celebrity Detox Camp follows four personalities as they undergo a strict detox programme on the Thai island of Koh Samui. It had previously been given the title Celebrity C**p Camp, but just weeks before its transmission, channel bosses had a change of heart.
‘It’s all to do with the in-house style, which is now more smart and intelligent’, producer/director Andrew Mackenzie tells Insider. ‘I think it was given its original title to get people talking about it, but you don’t need that, because the programme is graphic enough as it is.’
Indeed, the four people taking part – comedian Richard Blackwoord, ‘It Girl’ Tamara Beckwith, singer-turned-TV gardener Kim Wilde and pop and Coronation Street star Keith Duffy – will be baring much more than their souls. The camera captures them getting to grips with plenty of lubricants and plastic piping, as they give themselves a twice-daily multiple enema called a ‘colema’, designed to cleanse the colon.
So, is this just an example of Five going back to its roots of tacky TV? Not at all, says Andrew, who believes the programme has an educational purpose.
‘The Western diet is very wheat-oriented and, as a result, organs such as the kidneys, liver and bowel never get cleared out properly. It’s an unhealthy way to live and you can become quite ill,’ he explains. ‘The show will make people question what they eat, why they eat it and whether they should be eating it at all.’