The last 5 things on my credit card

Kim, 42, is married to Hal Fowler, 34, a theatre producer with whom she lives in Hertfordshire. She has two children, Harry, five, and Rose, three. She had hits with Kids in America, You Keep Me Hangin’ On, Chequered Love and If I Can’t Have You. She now presents gardening programmes on TV.

5/1/03 Native trees £240

Trees, Rochfords, Hertforshire.
We’re establishing a woodland in a field on the grounds of our converted barn, which will be a wildlife haven. Every winter we have a big plant of little saplings. Winter is a good time to establish young tree, in particular bare-root trees. I bought larch, birch, and some hazel trees too. When we first moved in, my husband and I designed and made a garden from nothing, and since then I have taken a garden design course.

3/1/03 Black shoes £119

Russell and Bromley, Bond Street
I knew something was wrong when I picked the kids up from school in the middle of winter wearing a pair of open-toed sandals. Not wanting to embarrass the children, I knew it was time to buy a pair of shoes. I love these black leather shoes. They are quite funky but sensible. I call them my school shoes.

28/12/02 Highlights £160

Toni and Guy, High Street, Marylebone
I arrive in this salon looking like Mrs Fowler ande leave looking like Kim Wilde. I’ve been going here for years. I had brown hair for a while, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m definitely a blonde. There’s a space for a comment on my colour card in the salon, and I wrote ‘She’s a blonde and don’t let her forget it’, in the event that I may be tempted to go brown again.

12/12/02 Pink dress £17

Monsoon, Stansted Airport
I was walking through the airport, spotted this dress and just couldn’t walk past it. It’s pink and has fur on it, and I knew my daughter Rose would love it. She didn’t initially, because she has a Barbie dress which she would wear every day if she got the chance. I’ve had to call this her ‘winter Barbie dress’ to get her to put it on.

10/12/02 Moisturiser £130

Brent Cross
My Mum bought me this Creme de la Mer moisturising cream for Christmas two years ago, and unfortunately for my bank balance, I love it so much that now I can’t be without it. It’s gorgeous – I’ve noticed that it helps to heal my skin and I’m sold on all the hype surrounding it. I justify the cost because I don’t treat myself often. I bought it on a recent shopping trip, and after buying it knew it was time to go home.