Articles 2004

15 December 2004 Stars of the eighties still run for the sun The Journal (UK)
15 December 2004 Crowds went Wilde for hits Evening Chronicle (UK)
14 December 2004 Still promising a spot of Fizz The Journal (UK)
11 December 2004 Mighty Midge still wows fans as he extracts charity cash The Star (UK)
8 December 2004 Kim shares her passion Herts advertiser (UK)
4 December 2004 Here and Now Tour @ Manchester Manchester Evening News (UK)
1 December 2004 Summer in the garden, winter on the Arlberg: Kim Wilde Arlberg Revue (Austria)
28 November 2004 Me and my record collection: Kim Wilde Sunday Express Magazine (UK)
25 November 2004 Kim’s Wilde about gardens icBirmingham website (UK)
9 November 2004 Ideas that ad up: Campaign is healthy boost for Guerilla Evening Gazette (UK)
26 October 2004 Kim Wilde: pop princess becomes gardening diva Pulse (Netherlands)
24 October 2004 Homelife: Plan ahead to avoid stress Sunday Life (UK)
14 October 2004 Kim Wilde visits 1,000th school to join organic gardening project HDRA website (UK)
11 October 2004 How Kim Wilde is helping stressed children flourish Daily Express (UK)
26 September 2004 Country retreat for pop’s Wilde child The Times (UK)
24 September 2004 Wilde weekend with Kim icBerkshire website (UK)
21 September 2004 At home with the legendary pop queen Kim Wilde OK! (UK)
16 September 2004 The book that changed my life Daily Mail - Femail supplement (UK)
2 September 2004 Singer Kim Wilde breaks taboo about PMS (premenstrual syndrome): “Menstruations have ruled my life for years” Het laatste nieuws (Belgium)
1 September 2004 Wilde in the country Red Magazine (UK)
1 September 2004 Kim’s column Healthy (UK)
31 August 2004 Wilde about Gardening The Courier (UK)
31 August 2004 Keep children free of stress The Journal (UK)
26 August 2004 PMS turned me Wilde! Daily Mirror (UK)
25 August 2004 Kim’s beautiful barn The Essential guide to home improvement (UK)
23 August 2004 Lavender and Camomile Activity: Kim Wilde’s tips for a relaxing family life Bold 2 in 1 website (UK)
23 August 2004 Bold 2in1 launches new Lavender & Camomile Procter & Gamble press release (UK)
22 August 2004 Kim Wilde declares: ‘Plants are vulnerable like a beautiful woman who doesn’t know it.’ Sunday Herald (Australia)
15 August 2004 Wilde passion Sunday Sun (UK)
10 August 2004 Detoxing for a week Metro (Netherlands)
7 August 2004 Kim is ‘Wilde’ about detoxing: ‘A superb experience’ Televizier (Netherlands)
13 July 2004 Kim backs detox plan to ease PMT Evening Gazette (UK)
21 June 2004 Gardening goddesses Daily Mal (UK)
1 June 2004 Where the wilde things are Junior Magazine (UK)
1 June 2004 Kim Wilde What's on [Battle, East-Sussex] (UK)
1 June 2004 Wilde at heart Spirit & Destiny (UK)
1 June 2004 A walk on the Wilde side Lakes Messenger (UK)
31 May 2004 Festival fans back at Holker North-West Evening Mail (UK)
18 May 2004 Stars dig in at Carr Gate Wakefield Express (UK)
1 May 2004 Marty’s girl puts her family first Let's Talk! (UK)
1 May 2004 Kim’s column Healthy (UK)
17 April 2004 Chaos theory The Guardian (UK)
4 April 2004 Wilde in the country Sunday - News of the world magazine (UK)
3 April 2004 The teacher who inspired Kim Wilde Daily Telegraph (UK)
27 March 2004 How do I look? Kim Wilde Singer and gardener, age 43 The Independent (UK)
15 March 2004 How Marty fell down as a pop Daily Express (UK)
14 March 2004 Fame was a bore, now I love my life Sunday Express (UK)
10 March 2004 Ideal Home Show Chat session Tiscali website (UK)
9 March 2004 Gardening has give me just as much pleasure as being a pop star – now I can’t wait to see the Show Daily Mail (UK)
6 March 2004 Wilde side The Guardian (UK)
2 March 2004 Shades of spring Bella (UK)
29 February 2004 Wilde video Sunday World (Ireland)
28 February 2004 Wilde side The Guardian (UK)
21 February 2004 Wilde side The Guardian (UK)
14 February 2004 Wilde side The Guardian (UK)
7 February 2004 Wilde side The Guardian (UK)
3 February 2004 Signs of spring Bella (UK)
31 January 2004 Wilde side The Guardian (UK)
29 January 2004 The shape I’m in: Kim Wilde Daily Mail - Femail supplement (UK)
25 January 2004 Feldschlösschen party 2004: long nights and total party [unknown] (Germany)
24 January 2004 Powerwoman conquers Braunschweig over a beer Braunschweiger Zeitung (Germany)
24 January 2004 Kim Wilde: Hot hits from a cool blonde Neue Braunschweiger (Germany)
17 January 2004 Wilde side The Guardian (UK)
17 January 2004 My first home: Kim Wilde Daily Mail (UK)
10 January 2004 Wilde side The Guardian (UK)
8 January 2004 “I’d love to be a world-class ice-skater” The Times (UK)
6 January 2004 Clean up your act! OK! (UK)
4 January 2004 Wilde child cleans up… Sunday Life (Ireland)
3 January 2004 Wilde side The Guardian (UK)
3 January 2004 Blooming lovely The Times (UK)
1 January 2004 ‘Detox helped me lose a stone’ Top Santé (UK)
1 January 2004 Tea instead of career Gluckspost (Germany)
1 January 2004 ‘If you eat junk all the time you’ll feel sluggish and unhealthy, it’s as simple as that’ Healthy (UK)
1 January 2004 Kim’s crisis OK! (UK)