Kim is ‘Wilde’ about detoxing: ‘A superb experience’

Not so long ago Patty Brard [a Dutch celebrity] went to Ibiza together with other Dutch celebrities to detox. It is fashionable, makes good television and it’s of course good for body and mind. Detoxing is something like taking pills, drinking juices and colonic irrigations for a week to cleanse the body. Hard work, indeed.
British Eighties singer Kim Wilde (43), now a convinced gardener, made the same move. Together with three other English stars she detoxed in Thailand. No food, drink and cigarettes. “I didn’t know what to expect, but I fancied the idea of relaxing a bit for a week”, says Kim. “And it was a superb experience! I will never be a big fan of colonic irrigation, but I will definitely detox more. After a week I feel energetic and I’ve lost weight!”