Kim Wilde: Hot hits from a cool blonde

Star guest of the 34. Feldschloes party yesterday and on Friday was the English singer Kim Wilde (interview on page 3). With songs like “Kids in America” and “Chequered Love” the energy-laden blond Popqueen brought the atmosphere at a high point. Approximately 7000 visitors greeted Feldschloesschen executive Dr. Klaus Schuberth in the town hall, sold out on both days. Until the early hours the Partygaenger celebrated. The crowning conclusion was offered by the band “Stayin ‘ Alive” with hits of the Bee Gees. Next week we will report on Sunday’s party in detail.

Motherly happiness and media

Pop singer Kim Wilde tells about her life as a mother, garden journalist and Popstar.

One does not regard it to the Popstar. Kim Wilde, who stormed the charts in the 80’s with hits like “Kids in America”, appears in the Saturday afternoon between its appearances at the Feldschloesschen party of a shopping stroll back into the hotel. The skin-close leather outfit of the previous evening is replaced by a brown wool blazer and a likewise brown cord skirt. Not made up and with a friendly smile she looks completely natural and completely without popstar delusions. At the beginning of our conversation Kim tells of her children, six-year-old Rose and four years old Harry, who stayed with their father in England. She takes out a picture of the two small ones from her handbag and get two rubber balls out of a plastic bag, which she bought as a souvenir. “I like Braunschweig, with its many beautiful old houses, which are supplemented in good taste by modern buildings”, the 43-year-old spontaneously describes the impressions of their stroll in the city center. It is beautiful to also be, not, like in London, to be constantly recognized and addressed by passers by. Actually, then Kim Wilde explains, at present she leads a kind of double life.
Since she got to know her husband Hal and had their children, the family stands in the first place for Kim. For many years she was Mrs. Fowler, housewife and mother. She even let her hair go back to its natural shade of red-brown and put on some weight. At the same time she rediscovered her love for gardening, which had grown, when she moved at the age of eight with her parents from London to the rural Hertfordshire.
“In the eighties I didn’t have any time for a garden”, says Kim. When she moved to a house on the countryside, she made gardening her new hobby. Now she writes in magazines about gardening and even has her own TV serial about the topic. “The English media could not resist the combination between popstar and gardener”, laughs Kim. Sometimes it’s difficult to combine the different interests but it is a challenge for the sympathetic Englishwoman, who still gets butterflies in the stomach whenever she has to get on stage to perform. This Sunday she heads back to England to Rose, Harry and Hal. “My husband is away next week, so I will have a lot of time with the kids then”. She’s obviously looking forward to it. She says goodbye, in order to lie down briefly before her appearance in the evening.