Kim’s crisis

Singer turned TV presenter Kim Wilde supports PMS Awareness week and wants women to be alerted to the various solutions that are available. Kim has suffered from PMS since she was a teenager. ‘I would be bloated, my breasts would enlarge and I would lose my temper big time’, says 43-year-old Kim. ‘It’s very much a Jekyll and Hyde situation. That’s what’s so annoying about PMS. My husband Hal would do his best to make himself scarce if I was on the PMS warpath.’

After having her two children, Harry, seven, and Rose, four, Kim hoped the problem would get better, but in fact it got worse: ‘I seemed to be getting more irritable, although I tried really hard not to lose my rag with the children.’

Then about two years ago Kim decided to take a radical look at her health in general to try and reduce her symptoms. ‘I went on a diet and lost a couple of stone and started going to the gym’, she explains. ‘I cut down on meat and started to eat more fish and began takiong daily supplements. I take Holland & Barrett Evening Primrose Oil, vitamin B6 and magnesium as they are so important for maintaining female health.’