Tea instead of career

Singer Kim Wilde shows her family for the first time and tells why she has to thank her husband for everything.

For the first time Kim Wilde (43) shows why she ended her career as a pop singer: for her family! It’s son Harry, little daughter Rose and husband Hal, with whom she is married for seven years now. The beautiful British woman says: “I had a fantastic career. But glamour and fame didn’t interest me anymore.” With her big hair and her voloptuous body she had hit after hit in the Eighties. “At 36 I got to know my husban. He gave me the strength to turn my life around.”

Side by side with Nena she returned to the stage once more last year. “I didn’t feel any pressure to be successful, which was always the case in the old days.”

Kim’s second most important thing is her garden and the planting of herbs: “I always had a cold in the old days. My tea with a home made mixture of herbs have made me healthier, and my children are also never ill because of this.”