Articles 2005

23 December 2005 Ideal for festive displays Various local newspapers (UK)
9 December 2005 Real Christmas trees Various local newspapers (UK)
2 December 2005 December jobs Various local newspapers (UK)
1 December 2005 Kim’s wild about school tunnel The Comet (UK)
24 November 2005 Planting a hedge Various local newspapers (UK)
18 November 2005 Composting Various local newspapers (UK)
13 November 2005 In my good books… Kim Wilde Sunday Express (UK)
3 November 2005 Planting hardy and bare root plants Various local newspapers (UK)
1 November 2005 Kim’s column Healthy (UK)
30 October 2005 Some filthy fun Sunday World (Ireland)
26 October 2005 Roses for your garden Various local newspapers (UK)
21 October 2005 Containers and baskets Various local newspapers (UK)
14 October 2005 Jobs for autumn Various local newspapers (UK)
30 September 2005 Autumn jobs Various local newspapers (UK)
16 September 2005 Caring for your lawn Various local newspapers (UK)
12 September 2005 The passions of Kim Wilde Steps Magazine (Belgium); Style Magazine (Netherlands)
9 September 2005 Flowering jewels of the summer garden Various local newspapers (UK)
4 September 2005 Peter York on ads: Holland & Barrett – If bowels are your thing, Kim’s your girl The Independent (UK)
2 September 2005 Ornamental grasses Various local newspapers (UK)
1 September 2005 Kim’s column Healthy (UK)
25 August 2005 Plants for the shade Various local newspapers (UK)
19 August 2005 Lovely lavender Various local newspapers (UK)
13 August 2005 At home with former pop idol Kim Wilde: ‘Since the birth of my children I’m extremely sensitive’ Dag Allemaal (Belgium)
12 August 2005 Summer flowering plants Various local newspapers (UK)
11 August 2005 Brief encounter Evening Times (UK)
8 August 2005 Pop star Kim is just Wilde about gardens icBirmingham website (UK)
4 August 2005 Home’s where you kick your shoes off Daily Express (UK)
3 August 2005 Wilde life appeal… Manchester Online website (UK)
1 August 2005 The Wilde Life The Sticks (UK)
29 July 2005 Summer pests Various local newspapers (UK)
27 July 2005 Bath Time Bonding! Timotei Press release (UK)
21 July 2005 We meet Kim Wilde UK TV Style Gardens website (UK)
18 July 2005 Grubby hands make good food New Statesman (UK)
12 July 2005 Callous thieves steal memorial Milton Keynes Today website (UK)
8 July 2005 Enjoying your summer garden Various local newspapers (UK)
2 July 2005 Wilde flowers Sunday Mirror (UK)
1 July 2005 Sun loving Alpines Various local newspapers (UK)
1 July 2005 Kim’s column Healthy (UK)
26 June 2005 The great and the good: Kim Wilde, Hertfordshire Observer Magazine (UK)
25 June 2005 Kim Wilde thanks fell donors for their cash News & Star (UK)
16 June 2005 At home with Kim Wilde: “My garden has changed my life” Het laatste nieuws (Belgium)
10 June 2005 Greenhouse gardening Various local newspapers (UK)
9 June 2005 A bumper crop of royals and celebrities turn out for the Chelsea Flower Show OK! (UK)
3 June 2005 Container gardening for Summer Various local newspapers (UK)
1 June 2005 Child’s play Gardeners World (UK)
1 June 2005 Chelsea delight for Kim Welwyn & Hatfield Times (UK)
1 June 2005 Landscape to inspire 315°: The RDA Magazine (UK)
28 May 2005 Wilde by name, not by nature The Herald (UK)
27 May 2005 Lakes garden strikes gold Westmorland Gazette (UK)
27 May 2005 Kim’s Cumbria garden wins gold at Chelsea Times & Star (UK)
27 May 2005 Lakes inspired garden gets gold Wild about Britain website (UK)
27 May 2005 Ex-singer Kim strikes gold in garden! Cheshunt and Waltham Mercury (UK)
27 May 2005 Wilde ways News Shopper (UK)
26 May 2005 Ex-singer Kim strikes gold in garden! This is Local London (UK)
26 May 2005 Secateurs, shrubs and rock and roll Yorkshire Post (UK)
25 May 2005 People with Andrew Pierce The Times (UK)
25 May 2005 Kim wins gold at Chelsea Welwyn & Hatfield Times (UK)
25 May 2005 Wyvale goes Wilde at Chelsea Retail Bulletin (UK)
25 May 2005 Wilde flowers News & Star (UK)
25 May 2005 Lake District’s beauty inspires Kim Wilde to top the charts at Chelsea Flower Show The Independent (UK)
25 May 2005 RHS Chelsea flower show Female First website (UK)
16 May 2005 Wilde about Cumbria The Mail on Sunday (UK)
13 May 2005 Climbing plants Various local newspapers (UK)
11 May 2005 Kim shining as Timotei’s golden oldie Express & Star (UK)
10 May 2005 Kim’s wild about gardening The Lady (UK)
7 May 2005 Slate expectations Daily Telegraph (UK)
6 May 2005 Singer Kim helps to create show garden Shropshire Star (UK)
1 May 2005 My country memories Country living (UK)
1 May 2005 Kim’s column Healthy (UK)
1 May 2005 Chelsea Flower Show 2005 The English Garden (UK)
30 April 2005 Kim: new face of Timotei Daily Express (UK)
30 April 2005 Kim is hoe so saucy Western Daily Press (UK)
28 April 2005 All that Jazz Hello! (UK)
24 April 2005 Parenting: The magic by your back door Sunday Times (UK)
24 April 2005 Gardening: Let the kids GO WILDE..with Kim’s fun ideas Sunday Mirror (UK)
23 April 2005 Kim hopes her fellside garden will result in growth of tourism Cumberland & Westmorland Herald - Keswick & Lake District edition (UK)
22 April 2005 Kim’s slate garden to rock Chelsea Times & Star (UK)
22 April 2005 Our county’s charms are growing on Kim Cumberland news (UK)
22 April 2005 Kim Wilde takes the Lakes to Chelsea South London Guardian (UK)
21 April 2005 Native trees Various local newspapers (UK)
20 April 2005 Hoping to strike it lucky at Chelsea Welwyn & Hatfield Times (UK)
18 April 2005 Singer designs garden for county BBC Website (UK)
18 April 2005 Kim’s Wilde-life garden on show News & Star (UK)
16 April 2005 Growing Wilde The Scotsman magazine (UK)
10 April 2005 From the heart: Kim Wilde You (UK)
8 April 2005 Wilde about kids gardening Cumberland news (UK)
8 April 2005 On the Wilde side icStaines website (UK)
7 April 2005 Tommy stars set for Sunday Night At The Palace Manchester Evening News (UK)
7 April 2005 Growing roses Various local newspapers (UK)
3 April 2005 Wilde at Heart Wales on Sunday (UK)
3 April 2005 How we met: Oliver Tobias & Kim Wilde. ‘He planted my herbaceous border’ The Independent (UK)
1 April 2005 Gardening is my therapy Good Housekeeping (UK)
1 April 2005 Kim’s just wild about gardening Bury Free Press (UK)
1 April 2005 Wilde about my 40s Health Plus (UK)
1 April 2005 Kim Wilde Limited edition magazine (UK)
1 April 2005 A walk on the Wilde side Modern & Mature (UK)
31 March 2005 Kim Wilde set for flower show Shropshire Star (UK)
24 March 2005 Kim goes Wilde for spring show Enfield Independent (UK)
24 March 2005 Growing Camellias Various local newspapers (UK)
20 March 2005 Swindon Garden Centre Goes ‘Wilde’ Swindon Shop website (UK)
16 March 2005 Kim Wilde overcame depressions Various local newspapers (Germany)
16 March 2005 Wilde about Wyevale Daily Mail (UK)
16 March 2005 Wyevale recruits TV’s Wilde to aid expansion Daily Express (UK)
16 March 2005 Wyevale set to go Wilde with its new ad campaign The Scotsman (UK)
15 March 2005 Kim Wilde to raise tempo at Wyevale The Times (UK)
13 March 2005 Midlife crisis? 40 is gateway to happiness Sunday Times (UK)
11 March 2005 Summer flowering bulbs Various local newspapers (UK)
4 March 2005 Growing from seed Various local newspapers (UK)
1 March 2005 Kim’s column Healthy (UK)
25 February 2005 Growing vegetables Various local newspapers (UK)
25 February 2005 From pop charts to pot plants Star Awards (UK)
18 February 2005 Winter jobs Various local newspapers (UK)
1 February 2005 Wilde Thing Record Collector (UK)
1 February 2005 Wilde at heart Candis (UK)
1 January 2005 Laurent Voulzy Alain Souchon, Laurent Voulzy: Destins et mots croisés (France)