Bath Time Bonding!

Survey Reveals Mother and Daughter Haircare Habits.

Timotei, the naturally inspired haircare brand, has surveyed 2,000 mothers to discover mums and daughters’ haircare habits to celebrate of the launch of the new Soft & Smooth variant.

As we know, mothers and young daughters have a special relationship and time spent doing things together is crucial for bonding. The Timotei survey reveals that the mother daughter bond can be nurtured through their joint haircare rituals from mums cutting hair for the first time and keeping their daughter’s first lock, to brushing and styling their hair together.

The Timotei survey reveals that mums and daughters are very involved with each other’s hair issues! Most (73%) mums questioned help and advise their daughters with their hair and over half (54%) share a shampoo and conditioner with their daughters. Mums stated that they have built a strong bond together over talking about hair and helping their daughters with hair issues – 30% said bath time was their favourite mother and daughter bonding time and a quarter (25%) stated brushing each others hair before bed was their most important time together.

Celeb Mum Kim Wilde can vouch for this, she bonds over girly chats with her daughter Rose, 5, at bath time: “I use new Timotei Soft and Smooth on my daughter Rose, after a day racing round the garden, knee deep in soil and mud its a quick, easy and natural way to wash her hair at bath time. As it gently smoothes her hair I don’t need to worry about tangles therefore no tantrums at bath time! She loves the fact we share the same shampoo as it makes her feel so grown up!”

However, the survey also reveals that hair care can be a battleground between mothers and daughters. 3/5 of the mums have experienced tangle tantrums with their daughters at bath time! Fortunately, ingenious mums have found an easy solution – 65% of the mums who have used a smoothing shampoo and conditioner on their daughters at bath time would highly recommend it to avoid hair hysterics!

Interestingly, the majority of the mums questioned (92%) actually agree with their daughter’s choice of hairstyle and wouldn’t want their daughters to change style. Many of the women questioned worry about the damage their daughters are doing to their hair, 60% are not happy with their daughters using hair straigteners and 62% would prefer their daughters to use naturally inspired products which are gentle on their hair.

Notes to Editors:

  • Research was conducted by 72 Point, 2,000 UK mothers were surveyed
  • Timotei Soft & Smooth shampoo and conditioner is available in all good pharmacies, supermarkets, and grocery stores nationwide from Spring 2006. Stockists number 0800-085-2861.