Kim: new face of Timotei

The natural good looks of former pop star Kim Wilde have proved to be her fortune. She was named yesterday as the new face of Timotei shampoo.
Kim, 44, who is now as well known for her love of gardening as for her 1981 hit Kids in America, will feature in magazine and poster adverts for the product. She said yesterday: “I have joined forces with Timotei because they are encouraging people to rediscover the beauty of nature which is so important for everyone, families especially.”

Kim, the daughter of 1950s pop star Marty Wilde, performs in 1980s nostalgia pop tours. Now a mother of two, she says: “I spent so many happy hours interacting with nature when I was a kid and it seems like we’ve forgotten how to do it.”

Kim, who has written a gardening book and won a Royal Horticultural Society medal, said she often ends up doing the gardening in knickers and high heels. “The first thing I do in the morning is put on my favourite shoes, which happen to be high heeled backless archess, don’t ask me why”, she said. “I’ll have a wander round, make some coffee and generally end up in the garden – in platform shoes, a bra, knickers and not much else. I can spend anything between 20 minutes and all day out there.”