Kim Wilde overcame depressions

The former British popsinger Kim Wilde (44) suffers from the fact that she is still not acknowledged to be a gardener by her peers. Wilde, who was a big popstar in the early ’80s (“Kids in America”) has devoted herself to flowers since years.
“For many gardeners it is difficult to accept that the blonde former popsinger can actually pronounce latin names of plants now”, says Wilde in an article in the “Express”. But in fact she has attended horticultural school and finished a gardening education there.
“I have a full-fledged passion for the garden and I will keep to that”. Wilde says that working in the garden is good to fight depression. “I have feared that depressions which I have had in the past would come back. But that hasn’t happend. Planting plants and then seeing them grow really is a cure.”