20 years on, Drucker reforms the duo: Kim Wilde invited by Voulzy

Laurent Voulzy doesn’t want to come to Michel Drucker without Kim Wilde. Twenty years on, the icon of English pop of the eighties appears in “Vivement Dimanche” to reunite with “mon ami Laurent”, like she says with a beautiful English accent. On stage she performs one track from her new album ‘Never say never’…

The song of Voulzy and Souchon, “the Nights without Kim Wilde”, written in 1986, marked the memories. Why, do you think?
(laughs) And you ask me that question? I think that the French public liked this romantic duet which Laurent and me did. This platonic love was ideal and very French, perhaps.

The title of your CD expresses an obvious nostalgia. Did you miss the music, the scene, and perhaps even France?
When Laurent asked me to be present in the programme of Michel Drucker, I did not hesitate one moment. All that currently arrives to me is for me very moving. One indeed should never say never (with a smile and in French!).

Did you keep bonds of friendship during all these years?
You know, the friendship never dies. When I re-examined the clip and that I listened to the words again that I said to him: “Laurent, il est l’heure de dormir maintenant, enlève tes lunettes…”, I knew that nothing had changed.

You disappeared during a few years. Why? And what did you do?
At the end of the Eighties, I was a little disillusioned by the music industry. I wanted to express myself artistically in another way and this is why I did theatre during three years. And then I married, I had children. I needed that to preserve my balance.

You presented a programme about horticulture on the BBC?
It became my second passion a little. I sing about love, I cultivate flowers. At the bottom, I knew to keep a heart of child. (Laughs.)