80’s festival in 2007 already planned

[Translated for Wilde Life by Tim Nielsen]

After a succesfull festival the concert organisers have already made the decision to make a version 2 of “A day in the 80’s” and they have also decided the date, June 16, 2007.
“All in all the festival ran smoothly and the public [audience, guests] were happy and satisfied. On a scale from 1 to 13 I would give it an 11 [the danish grade scale in schools, universities etc. goes from 0 to 13, 13 often considered impossible to reach, 11 being considered perfect or almost perfect – TN], but most important of all a seed has been sown for the future” says one of the arrangers Carsten Agerbæk.

The festival had room for 10,000 and just under 7,000 came.
“The weather was with us and everything went as it should. We haven’t finished the economic calculations completely, but we know there won’t be a deficit. Of course we would like to have had 3,000 spectators more, but then we sold a lot of beer and we almost couldn’t keep up with the demand for sandwiches”, says Carsten Agerbæk who is also satisfied with the collection of artists with something for every taste.
“One can discuss whether The Human League should have finished, but this answered itself, as the band themselves demanded to be the last act”, says Agerbæk who among his personal favorites had Level 42 just as well as Kim Wilde, Tony Hadley and Rocazino were impressive.
“But no one fell through and also Human League had their big audience.”
Carsten Agerbæk tells that the festival organisers will start looking for the
names for next years festivalposter at the end of the year.
“There are many we would like to have, but it’s all a question of economics”, says Carsten Agerbæk who, when directly asked about his personal wishlist, mentions german Nina Hagen, Erasure, Alphaville and Duran Duran.