Eighties icon has comeback: Kim Wilde visits Sweden

Then: eighties icon and sex symbol. Now: 45 year old mother of two – doing a comeback. ‘My career was like standing at a party just a little too long’, says Kim Wilde.

It is 25 years since Kim Wilde broke through with the eighties hit ‘Kids in America’. She was one of the world’s biggest sex symbols and she is one of England’s best selling singers of all times. But in 1996 she chose to quit the music business.

“I did not develop during the last few years. It was like staying at a party for too long – after the fact you wonder why you didn’t leave earlier.”

Devoted herself to her family

In the ten years she was away from the music industry she has devoted herself to her family. But her new album ‘Never say never’ was released in September.
Kim does keep herself in shape – but she doesn’t count on being called a sex symbol again.
‘The music industry has changed over the past few years. Today, there’s a huge pressure on young girls to be beautiful.’

Kim’s daughter Rose, 6, also wants to become a popstar.
‘That is funny and I do encourage her, but I am nervous about the influence on her to adhere to the modern image of the ideal woman’, says Kim.