Give me five

Every week a famous person chooses five words he or she wants to react on. This time: rock star Kim Wilde (45).

My father has a very black sense of humour. He always makes me laugh, just like my brother Ricky, who inherited his sense of humour. Laughing is great. It’s therapeutic, it helps you through the day. I am a real giggler. I feel very attracted to funny men because of that. All my ex-boyfriends were extremely funny. My husband also conquered me by using humour. Hal and I got to know one another during the rehearsals for ‘Tommy’, which we played in 1996. The sparks flew at a very dull moment, while we were in line for the food. But he just made a very dry humorous comment, which made me laugh and fall in love all at the same time. Six months later we were married.

I hate quarrels, but of course you have them when you’re married for ten years. When Hal and I were just together and madly in love, we were very polite to one another. Both scared of saying something wrong. But after a year these strong personalities both showed their true colours and started fighting! It was quite intense. Fortunately we ended up in a calmer phase automatically. You could compare our quarrels with lighting a match. First you get a big flame, but then the fire quiets down already. Our last big fight is a year ago and inspired me to write the song ‘Together we belong’. Those ‘match conflicts’ are ideal for testing what you’ve got. Whether you feel it’s worth it to stay together. Mostly I realise at such moments that I would never want to be with anyone else. This is my husband and I love him till death do us part!

A great medium to send lovely messages when you’re on the road. This morning, I was in my hotel room in Amsterdam and I sent an sms to Hal saying that I missed him. Even though he’s in Singapore now, I got a beep within minutes. I love that sound! But my grammar is a bit old fashioned in my sms’es. I type every word completely. Especially to Hal. He is a writer and purist.

Success and failure are linked to one another and can be interchanged. People call me successful so easily. But it’s about how you interpret success. I find myself successful, because I am talented and happy with my lovely husband and children. That I’m still standing in this crazy world and at peace with myself.

My sixteenth century barn is in Hertfordshire, England. Since my 36th birthday I live there with my husband, children and dog. It is really my home. The place where I can work in the garden and where I feel safe. With the millions I made I bought a luxury appartment in London where I lived for fifteen years. But when I turned 35 I got the urge to move to the countryside. Maybe I had nesting fever while I was still single. Deep inside I hoped to found a family in Hertfordshire. I couldn’t always be a popstar, so I had to have an environment where I could be home. All my wishes have come true. I had two children with my big love and found a new calling: gardening. I have made gardening programmes for the BBC and written a book about gardening.

The full list of words to choose from

Admiration, Adventure, Ambition, Aura, Birth, Blunder, Charity, Dishwashing, Faith, Fidelity, Freedom, Home, Hope, Humour, Image, Insight, Intuition, Jealousy, Kiss, Loss, Love, Party, Passion, Pet, Pride, Quarrel, Sadness, Strange, SMS, Success, Unsure, Vulnerable