I’m ready for a new career

‘Kids in America’, ‘Cambodia’, ‘You came’… many hits were created by Kim Wilde, the British pop star, who at 46 years comes back to the scene. The star of the eighties hasn’t been sitting still: marrying, two children and a new occupation: gardening!

Why did you decide to come back after having been away for more than ten years?
It was first my friend Nena’s idea, the German singer. We recorded this duet which was a huge hit in Germany three years ago. She convinced me to make a new album.

Are you anxious?
The most difficult thing is to be away from my children.Harry is 8, and Rose is 6. If they were older, I would not hesitate to take them with me.

Why did you decide to stop your carreer about ten years ago?
I was 36 at the time and felt totally worn out. When I met the man who was going to be my husband (British singer and actor) I realised that I did not want to spend my life touring and promoting anymore. I wanted to be a mother who raises her children.

What have you done over the past ten years?
I had two children.I bought a house in the country, near London and I had this idea of having a wonderful garden. So, I went back to college to study horticulture and gardening. I became a garden designer. At the time gardening programs popped up on British television and I was offered to be involved in one. It was fabulous!

What image have you got today of the pop star you were in the 80’s?
I realise now that I did not make the most of this wonderful opportunity I was given.I was always worried about what the future had in store for me. I was afraid that I might not have success anymore. So I chucked up everything… (She lowers her voice and smiles ) I managed to give up before they tell me to clear off!

Are you kids into their mother’s music?
For them I have nothing of a Rock star. A year ago, my son came across ‘Kids in America’ on TV. He shouted “Mam, I think that’s you on TV.” I joined him a bit nervous and as I was standing in front of a mirror, I whispered to myself: “You know mummy has changed a little.”
One thing I know is that I have not become his idol. He prefers Guns N’ Roses!Has the idea of a commercial failure crossed your mind?
I feel relaxed, no pressure. We’ll see if people fancy listening to a 45 year old horticulturist who sings! (She laughs.)