‘It is easy to grow older in style’

From the eighties hit ‘Kids in America’via an interest for horticulture to French pop. British icon Kim Wilde, 45, is ready for her comeback.

I meet a dazed Kim Wilde in the Hotel Anglais in Stockholm.
‘I have signed records and it was a little shock that there were so many people here. I am fantastically grateful because it feels good to do music now, says Kim Wilde in her super British.

Does not have the energy with the hit

She looks like a real rock chick in her leather boots, but Kim has nevertheless grown old with dignity.
‘It is quite easy to grow old in style. Many in this sector have coped with it – except maybe Tom Jones, she laughs.

Do you still have the strength to play ‘Kids in America’?
For a long time I couldn’t do it. I was so tired of it I was afraid that it might put me under. But now I meet people who remember my songs, and they say that it’s that song they remember most, with the great lyrics, a superb arrangment and the great chorus.

Do you feel that you have to live up to high expectations?
When I was signing these records and I saw the big Photoshopped posters in the background behind me I was thinking, well, that’s not really me. But you know… I am 45 and not 25, I am fine with who I am now and I won’t try to be something or someone else.