Kim goes Wilde over Elton

Garden guru’s dig at ‘deluded’ singer

WHAT has SIR ELTON JOHN ever done to upset Eighties pop star KIM WILDE?

I always had her down as a mild-mannered, softly spoken elder stateswoman of cheesy pop. But frumpy Kim, now a gardening expert, has dished out a completely unprovoked public pruning.
Speaking at an opera house in Copenhagen, Denmark — where she was filming a Christmas special for Danish telly — the mum of two tore in to Elt. She stormed: “He’s deluded. The man has always been deluded. He’s lived a very unreal life for so many, many years, with so much excess that he’s lost touch with some realities of life. He’s become a self-indulgent person.”


But Kim, who had a No2 hit in 1981 with Kids In America, was on a roll. The singer added: “He should refer all his criticism to himself. I won’t abide tantrums in my children and I can’t bear them in an adult. It’s disgusting.”

Kim did offer up a consolation compliment for the man she battled in the charts 20 years ago. She said: “I’ve heard his new album and there are some really nice songs on it.”
But Kim, who also works as the face of a healthfood store chain, launched straight back into attack mode. She added: “I’ve always been aware that he hasn’t written any lyrics himself. You never get much of Elton, but I wonder if there’s very much to have. But he’s a great musician.”

I think Kim’s criticism is misplaced. A huge part of Elton’s appeal is due to the way he speaks his mind. He has also shown incredible generosity, donating millions to charity. And I fear for Kim. When Elton reads this, she’ll feel the full force of his acid tongue. Only last week he mouthed off after I printed Noel Gallagher’s tirade about diva celebs who are afraid to go out for a pint of milk.

Time for me to dust off my Bizarre Bitch List again, I think — and Ms Wilde is a brand new entry at No 1.