Kim Wilde: a perfect girl – also at 46

Kim Wilde, eighties icon, presents herself in good humour and rocking.

“Why shouldn’t I try to be a perfect girl, even when I am 46?”, asks a souvereignly laughing Kim Wilde just before performing her new single ‘Perfect girl’ during her first live show in Germany in 14 years. In view of the recent loss of the perfectly valid pop idols Britney Spears probably everyone agrees unreservedly.

Just as unanimously is the jubilant agreement of the faithful fan base, that has squeezed itself into the Cologne Live Music Hall, to visit Kim Wilde with a not perfect, but nevertheless very good concert.

The choir singing is not always completely pitchperfect, just as the head actress, but the despite that the hall does celebrate the re-activated sound of the 80’s in best mood. Obviously it has done Kim Wilde some good to take care of two children as well as having a very successful career as TV host and garden designer.

The Depeche Mode classic rings out nearly better than the original

From the six headed band stand out tow members: on the one hand the brother Ricky Wilde on guitar, who has like today pushed her career at the time, on the other hand nods to Beggs at the bass.

The latter is a genuine 80’s fossil, at that time with Kajagoogoo and “Too shy” successfully, today in a black leather Kilt, somewhat importunate sound and – much more badly – in many places kidnapping the speed.

Unfortunately there is not a real balanced sound in the Live Music Hall once again, the bass is too waddled and the distorted guitars sound too thin. Mrs Wilde cannot be hindered by such little details to spoil the playful mood and offers an engaged set of songs from the new CD ‘Never say more never’, mixed with old classics like “You keep to ME hangin` on”, “You came” as well as naturally the everlasting “Kids in America”. In addition a cover of Depeche mode “Enjoy the silence” – this one is even better than the original.

The once named “Bardot of Pop” Wilde profiles herself more rock oriented than as the Queen of the Synthie Pop. Completely in black with leather trousers, long jacket (that later reveals a glittering Iron Maiden shirt) and her platinum-blond hair she now stands for mid-speed rock without filth, greeted by many ears gladly time and again and again. In the contently smiling public the slightly wider hips are taken easily for granted.