Kim Wilde about her comeback

In the eighties Kim Wilde scored hit after hit. Ten years ago she traded in the spotlights for a life with husband and kids. But she comes back. And that’s tonight, in the ‘TROS TV show’ with an interview and music from her new album ‘Never say never’.
For the big success of the now 45 year old Kim Wilde we go back twenty years, to the time when she reigned the charts with songs like ‘Kids in America’ and ‘You keep me hangin’ on’. Unexpectedly she ended her career. “I wanted out of music”, she says. “I was only twenty when I broke through. Then you don’t have an idea of what’s happening to you.”
She left the world of glitter and glamour and retired on the countryside. And a horticultural career started. She studied about flowers, presented a gardening programme on the BBC and wrote a book about gardening. “Digging and working in the garden, I could get involved with that.”
When generation colleague Nena asked her to record a song together in 2003, it started to itch again. Kim hadn’t quite lost her musical abilities, and so she started to work on a comeback with the title ‘Never say never’. “It became an album with old songs in a new, danceable version, plus some new songs. I don’t know what to expect. Just that I have had lots of fun making the record. If the comeback fails? Never mind, I’ll just go back home, back to my other life.”