Kim Wilde and Boney M. as star guests during Frankfurter Opernball

During the 25th edition the Deutsche Openball presents two musical star guests: the British pop singer Kim Wilde (“Kids of America”) and Boney M.-frontwoman Liz Mitchell with her formation Boney M. feat. Liz Mitchell will provide atmosphere on February 24, 2007.
“We don’t want to be a highbrow ball, so we will have more party character”, says the organiser Manfred Pasenau on Monday in Frankfurt. During the ball with the Motto “Life is beautiful – long live life” 180 musicians, artists and magicians will entertain the 2000 guests that are expected.

Some of them have already said they will appear, like the teenie band Tokio Hotel. Like in 2006 the former chancellor Helmut Kohl is the host of the ball. Charity money at the ball will go towards Kohl’s deceased wife’s Hannelore Kohl foundation for people with damage to the central nerve system. This year’s ball was good for 85.000 euros. “I expect it to be more next year”, says the organiser. With a casino on the site Pasenau wants to get more money during Poker and Backgammon.

The sale of the tickets, costing between 130 and 655 euro, has started very early. Already 70% of the tickets is sold.

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