Kim Wilde does not just want to be a housewife

Pop singer Kim Wilde thinks that child and career are compatible.

In modern marriages taking care of children and the profession of both parents need to be managed, the mother two explained in the Frankfürter Rundschau (Saturday edition). “The statement ‘The woman stays at home while the man makes the money’ is now really out of time”. She is not a housewife chained to the stove and won’t be locked up, said Wilde, who was already active as gardening expert and author.


She always felt as a child, how frustrated her mother was, because she had more potential. “Perhaps therefore I created my family so late.” Kim Wilde married when she was over 30 and had children years later.


It’s great if the man wants more than just educate his children. Only they have to pay a price for it. Children and career don’t always mix perfectly.
“Many women think that only through a career can they find their independence. That’s also not true. You’re not just characterized by your job, but also for exemple by how you balance job and family.”


Wilde is one of Britains most successful British pop singers, with 14 Number 1 hits, ten million albums sold and 20 million singles sold. With the cd “Never say Never” she is trying for a comeback.