Kim Wilde: “I am a leader”

She was the most successful British singer of the eighties and recently became famous as a TV gardener. Exactly 25 years after her first hit the blonde Pop siren returns with the studio album ‘Never say never’ – including a new Nena-duet. At 45 she is a year younger than Madonna. What are her plans? Kim Wilde in an exclusive interview with Our Munich.

Your comeback-album, a cocktail of brand new songs and cover versions of your biggest hits, glows with excitement. It seems like you have electricity works in your garden?
(laughs) No, this power is in myself, in my body. I got it from my family, from life, and also from my garden. Gardening is something, that makes me happy inside. It was a great change from making music for the last ten years and at least as creative and stimulating. I made gardening programmes for the BBC, published two books. Now I have the feeling, that I have saved up a reservoir of energy for music. I am back! This comeback is an honour and a great stimulation for me.

You know, that most of all gays and lesbians are happy about this?
Yes, I always had a lot of gay and lesbian fans. They even celebrate my birthday. I can only say to these fans that I’m happy to be back. I am proud that the gays support me so strongly and make me feel so welcome. I will try to give my best.

Did you ever get love letters from girls and women?
(laughs) Not lately, but surely in the near future!

Will you be playing live too?
This music was made to be played live. My voice sounds stronger than ever before. I hope to come to Munich again. I was there so often before. Käfer’s is a great restaurant. And you have a great Christkindlmarkt!

Do you have a message to tell? The song ‘Forgive me’, which you recorded with your sister Roxanne, is a big heartbreaker, and sounds so sad.
I think all of our hearts should break when we see what is happening to our world. It is a tragedy to see the damage our world gets every day. Every one of us is responsible. It breaks my heart when Roxanne sings: “What have you done to me?” What have we done? What are we doing to stop the destruction of the world, finding alternate energy sources, so that we can leave behind a better world for our children?

With Nena you have become a new sister. With her you sing your US number one hit ‘You keep me hangin’ on’ from 1986 as a duet. What binds the two of you?
We both started as rock chicks. I was so happy to work with her again. We understand each other so well when we work together. This 40 year old song from Diana Ross and the Supremes is a highlight.

Could you imagine going through the Hamburg Gay scene with Nena?
(laughs) That would be cool. We would have such great fun. That’s a great idea!

Do you still have contact with Michael Jackson, with whom you toured once?
That was a great tour. I especially remember Berlin, because shortly afterwards the wall came down. No, I don’t have contact with him anymore. He has become a very strange, mysterious figure to me. I believe he has a lot of problems.

Were you ever envious of Madonna, who is nevertheless a year older than you?
Yes, I was. I admire her, how she puts her spell on people. Sometimes she acts like she would rather pack her bags and go home. I have often wished she would do it!

What are your fetishes?
Let me consider! I like dark chocolate and make-up. And I am a shoe fetishist. I have spent so many years in the garden, that fashion doesn’t play a part, but shoes do.

You live in a 16th century barn. What is your biggest luxury there?
The silence and the rest. And we have a lot of space. We can make as much noise as we like. My husband is an actor, he has a very loud voice. My children make a lot of noise, the dog does too.

Gardening, housewife: is Kim Wilde finally tamed?
(laughs) I can still be very wild, although I do wash my husband’s shirts and trousers. From time to time I live excessively. But my children keep my feet firmly on the ground.

Where do you believe your masculine side lies?
I am strong. When I started out in the pop business, I wore jackets and jeans. I have good leadership qualities. I am a leader!