Kim Wilde: “I don’t feel too old”

Back to the future: Eighties-icon Kim Wilde launches a comeback after ten years. On Friday her new album “Never say never” is released, a tribute to the glorious 1980’s.

It was only yesterday that you were standing in the garden, today you’re singing on stage again. Come right out: you have missed the stage lights.
I have most of all missed the music. But yes, the comeback is fun.

You are trying again, aged 45. Will you still be on stage when you’re 80?
No, I would like to pull back in five years. Then my children are in their teens and they will need me. Then I will probably plant my vegetables and write gardening books again, like I have the past few years.

Do you see yourself as an “old lady” in the young music business?
I don’t feel too old. And hey, I’m still younger than Madonna, that is a good sign.

You are good friends with German singer Nena. Do you believe in female power?
Oh, yes! Not in the way the Spice Girls did, of course. But Nena has influenced me strongly. I always thought, I had a lot of energy, but when compared to her it is nothing.

On your new album you have re-recorded six of your biggest hits. Are you nostalgic?
There is a little nostalgia involved, yes. For a long time, the eighties were ridiculed, but the music was great. With the album I show you: look, I’m still proud of it.